23 July 2018
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Head of Talent student center

Dr. Mozhgan Behshid
Academic rank: Instructor (PhD student)
College exceptional office director
Contact phone: 34797713
Internal code: 132

The range of activities for students to earn experience
Talent student centerduties:
  1. Identity the exceptional talent between studying student according to relevant guidelines
  2. Form the performance training , research , cultural and artistic file for exceptional talent students
  3. Introduce the exceptional talent student to supportive professors in order to get the needed support , planning and guide student to grow in different aspects
  4. Form the professional working groups the lead the talent student in appropriate fields , efficient use of student force and help to their growth and development
  5. Identify exceptional talent fields , potential and guide them to their linked interests and abilities working groups
  6. Utilize the exceptional talent student’s capacity and abilities in the form of advisory committees in order to progress management goals , training , research , clinical care , cultural and artistic
  7. Help to train creativity and extend innovation in form of innovations , student’s top ideas , entrepreneurship for student with exceptional talent
  8. Introduce students to enter the information in “ Soraya” system in order to utilize the relevant facilities
  9. Coordinate and introduce student to scientific references and Teachers that are out of college in order to use needed consultation when is necessary
  10.  Care the top talent student’s achievement status during studying period in form of professor-support system and look for solution
  11. Coordinate and introduce the students to central exceptional talent office of college to use the facilities of participation in workshops , seminars and education courses
  12.  Introduce the student to central exceptional talent office of college to support in human distribution processes and general conscription according to ratings
  13.  Present the consulting services in fields needed for growth and efflorescence the top talents
1 – 3
Student activities fields to reach the education, ratings, research and cultural
1 – 4
Exceptional talent student article confirmation process
Empowerment and scientific guidance process for Exceptional talent student

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