23 July 2018
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  About Pediatric Nursing
Tabriz University of Medical Sciences
School of Nursing and Midwifery 
Pediatric Nursing (MSc)
Pediatric Nursing
Degree: MSc
Since children are not able to defend their rights, they may be neglected in terms of their needs related to growth and development, observation of physical and mental health, and cultural, social and spiritual needs. To respond to these needs, many educational programs have been developed in the world and the graduates of these programs, in different fields including; education, law, medicine, social work, and etc, use their knowledge to help family and society to support children. Pediatric nursing program is among these educational programs that help the health of society. In the program’s revision, an attempt was made to respond to the educational needs in the program in order to train skilled, knowledgeable, innovative, and passionate professionals to help the country become independent in terms of pediatric health.   
Pediatric nursing program at master’s degree level is a branch of nursing that its graduates, due to their skills, will be able to identify and respond to the biological, psychological, social and cultural needs of the children, family and society in order to maintain and improve their health by delivering holistic care and necessary interventions. 
*In this program, children are considered as people who are under the age of 18.*
   The Aim of the Course
Philosophy (values and beliefs):
In the program, following values have been considered and emphasized;
  1. Human being as God’s representative on earth has dignity, respect, value, and sanctity, and health and wellbeing is among his basic rights
  1. Healthy human is at the center of sustainable development
  1. Attention to health-centered concept as well as three levels of preventions (the first priority of Health System).
  1. Participation and decision making regarding the health of mother and child is the right of child and family.
  1. Providing family-centered services which is the main aim of pediatric nursing.
  1. Preserving social justice (equality in receiving health services) in the provision of health care to patients, regardless of their economic, social, racial, religious and sexual differences.
  1. Providing, maintaining and promoting health of children and family is the aim of pediatric nursing.
  2. Providing pediatric nursing care based on community-based and holistic views.
  3. This program aims to train innovative, competent, self-confident and knowledge seeking professionals.
  4. The aim of this program is to promote the spirit of self-learning among students 
  5. Preserving the professional ethics in the delivery of nursing care to child and family is essential
In the next 10 years, pediatric nursing education will evolve in accordance with the world’s educational standards. The shortage of these professionals in health system will be resolved and this discipline in regard to the production of related knowledge and quality of services will be among the top countries in the region The mission of this program is to train skilled, efficient, accountable, sensitive and committed pediatric nurse professionals who present their evidence-based knowledge and skills to society by combining knowledge with practice at health, treatment and rehabilitation centers.
General Competencies
  1. Ability to communicate with child and family
  2. Inter-sectional interaction (effective communication with MDT) 
  3. Critical thinking
  4. Providing care based on nursing process
Specific Competencies and Skills (Special Qualifications)
A. Assessment
  1. Collecting information
  2. Analyzing child’s health status
  3. Assessing social-economic status of family
  4. Performing medical examination
  5. Considering clinical data
B. Nursing diagnosis
  1.  Identifying child and family’s health problem
  2.  Prioritizing child’s health problems
  3.  Determining the reason of problems
  4.  Nursing diagnosis
  5.  Interpreting clinical data
C. Planning
D. Implementation 
E. Evaluation
F. Documentation
The Terms and Conditions of Admission to the Course  
1- Passing the entrance exam according to rules and regulations of Ministry of Health
2- Having nursing B.Sc. degree from one of the national or international universities approved by Ministry of Health)
Exam’s subjects and their credit
No. subjects Credits
1 Medical-surgical nursing 2
2 Pediatric nursing 4
3 Mother and child health nursing 3
4 Public health nursing 2
5 Mental health nursing 1
6 Advanced English 2
  Total 14
Educational Strategies, Methods and Techniques
Educational Strategies: Task-based learning blended learning (teacher-centered and student- centered), blended learning (attendance and DLN), problem-based learning, professional competency-based learning, and evidence-based learning.
Methods and Techniques: lecture (question & answer, video clip), journal club, case presentation, discussions in small groups, seminars and conferences, site visits (for example, Nursing Office of the Tehran university of medical sciences, and Iranian nursing organization), and clinical and managerial practice in health care fields).
Student Assessment
Written assessment [multiple choice questions (MCQ), essay (restricted & extended answer)], oral assessment (unstructured and structured oral exams), interactive computer test, and practical assessment (projects, Portfolio, and Logbook, lab observations).
Number and Type of Credits and Tables of the Courses (including compulsory and optional [elective] courses)
Code Title of module Number of   credits Types of the module Prerequisite
01 Medical information technology  systems 1 Theory- Practice -
02 Statistic and advanced research methodology 3 Theory- Practice -
03 Nursing ethics in pediatric health and professional relationship 1.5 Theory- Practice -
04 Nursing theories and models and their application 2 Theory- Practice -
05 Clinical nursing management 1.5 Theory- Practice  
06 Introduction to education methods      
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