23 July 2018
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  Vision, Mission, Values & Goals of Faculty


This school aims to be a pioneer school in nursing and Midwifery education, research and giving best nursing & midwifery services in order to keep relying on The noble values of Islam and the Islamic revolution and strengthening self-confidence and use of advanced technologies and new teaching methods for taking steps to improve the health level with international standards.


The Mission of the school is to admit students from all over the country and foreign countries (in post graduate programs) and also making a suitable circumstances for training nursing, midwifery and operating room students on the bases of Islamic values and medical ethics and using new instruction methods, modern technologies in order to train efficient and qualified staffs for giving satisfactory health care services according to the community’s changing needs.



1. Respecting human dignity
2. Justice
3. Respecting rights
4. Professional Ethics
5. Customer Orientation
6. Respecting commitments
7. Continuous quality improvement

8. Improve human relations
9. Participation in teamwork

10. Meritocracy
11. Professionalism
12. Strengthen the spirit of trust
13. Specialization


1. training efficient skilful  staff concerning to the health system strategies

2. Promote the utilization of new and modern technologies

3. Communication development  and improving the  level of intersectional and international cooperations

4. Improving the motivation and the quality of life and self-confidence among all staffs.

5. Strengthening the faculty’s educational and research structure and infrastructures according to the needs of society.

6. Promoting and developing moral & religious virtues, professional ethics among faculty members, staff and students

7. Identifying, promoting the capacities of talented and elites in the faculty and utilization their abilities

8. Expanding e-Learning education

9. Establishment of a systematic monitoring, evaluation and examination in the faculty (accreditation)

Posted on   سه شنبه سی ام تير 1394  Time  15:58   by   Mehdi Ebrahimpour Rezaie
Edited by مهدی ابراهیم پور
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